Beautiful Historic Mansion Back on the Market in Round Rock

By THC Staff 

The A.J. Nelson-Crier House in Round Rock, also known as the Woodbine, is back up for sale. This historic Texas home was built in the late 1800s, holds 18 rooms within 7,826-square-feet, and measures an entire neighborhood block. According to Curbed Austin, it “also includes a three-room guest house, a two-car garage, a pond, a gazebo, the original barn, a windmill and mature pecan and Magnolia trees.”

The listing on Coldwell Banker Homes says that this expansive estate was originally built by Round Rock’s founding family, the Nelsons. During that time, the home reflected a Victorian style chosen by the Page Brothers architecture firm, which is still around today in Austin (now called Page.) Though much of the property has been left in its original style, in the 1930s, the façade was updated to a “Classical Revival style,” and in the 1960s, there was a further remodel. But, Curbed Austin says that past owner Mrs. Eugene N. Goodrich worked hard to restore the interior to the Victorian style.

Owning this Round Rock mansion would be like owning a special place in history. The price is set at $2,500,000.


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